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Policies & Procedures

Parents, we are so enjoying having you and your child in our amazing program. It is very important that we have your complete compliance with the stated policies and procedures so that our program can run smoothly and professionally. Thank you!

Tuition is always due 10 days prior to the new session. In order to give your child priority, we must receive your tuition by the following dates:

  • September/October session tuition due: August 20th
  • November /December session tuition due: October 20th
  • January/February session tuition due: December 20th
  • March/April session tuition due: February 20th
  • May/June session tuition due: April 20th

By posting this schedule in your home or office, you will know in advance when tuition is due. As as advanced student, your credit card is on file and will be run by the 20th of every bi-month. No deductions will be made FOR ANY REASON from the tuition if your child misses a class at any of our locations.

Several months in our Hip Hop Kidz fiscal year have 5 weeks; therefore, your child will receive 10 classes instead of 8 for that particular month. These extra classes make up for the days that we are closed during the Holiday breaks and any classes that your child cannot attend.

We do not allow parents in class. This is strictly enforced by HHK and required by HHK locations but parents are invited into our classes the last 15 minutes of class so you can enjoy and observe what your child/teen has learned. Classes are 2 hours in duration. Instructors and/or club owners cannot be held responsible for children not picked up on time. Often times, instructors have other obligations immediately following the scheduled class and must leave the premises. Please arrange for proper pick up on time.

If your child has not been picked-up when the instructor leaves, they will be directed to the lobby or front desk of the health club to call you or their designated guardian.

Videotaping of any routine or class is only allowed the last 15 minutes when parents are in observing class. This footage should be used only for your child’s educational purposes and should never be uploaded to social media without the permission of Suzy Stone. Please do not video tape through the windows as it is very distracting to our students.

Please remind your children that when inside the club facility, they must report immediately to class. Children must stay off the exercise equipment at all times. Only plastic water bottles will be allowed.


Disruptive behavior of any student such as fighting, pushing, gum chewing or excessive talking will not be allowed in class. Parents will be notified by the instructor about their child’s behavior. If the child continued to disrupt class, the child may be asked to leave the program. (No refunds will be given.) Hip Hop Kidz® will also not allow any disruptive parent/adult behavior in any classes and/or around any of our students.


There are no refunds given for any reason. In our HHK 1 & 2/Teenz classes ONLY, after your child has attended the first class of any 2-month session, no refunds will be issued. For advanced students including Performance Troupe, Production Company, Cast Crew, Dade Crew and Mini Crew, no refunds will be issued for yearly tuition payments, including registration fee, workshop fees, uniform fees, and any or all installment payments, for any reason. This policy is necessary because merchandise and other particulars such as the booking of workshops, choreographers, uniforms, and rental spaces have already been secured with your advanced payment. In the case of a student missing a workshop, that has been paid for, due to a particular family circumstance, private lessons to catch up that student will be offered by our staff to learn choreography that was taught in their workshop. If any instructor cannot teach a class due to an emergency, a designated make-up class will be noted by memo to the parents.

As the Parent/guardian, I also understand and adhere to Hip Hop Kidz® policies against credit card charge backs and will not contact my credit card company for a refund. I also understand that if a deposit or installment has been made for a future session this means that child listed below has secured/reserved a spot in the program.

Please be aware that any and all uniforms and/or merchandise items are final sales.

Make-up Classes

If student is unable to complete a given session due to injury, or family emergency, Hip Hop Kidz, Inc will allow student to “freeze” tuition and transfer to another session within one calendar year. In the event of a special performance opportunity that all the HHK kids participate in, please note that these events and practices do count as classes if the event or practice is scheduled on a regular class day or time. Also, please be aware that there will be no refunds for any force of nature weather complications such as hurricanes and/or severe rain or snow storms. We will do our best to make up these classes.

Classes & Holiday Calendar

Classes will begin on September 4, 2018.

Classes will not be held on the following days:

Sep. 3   (Labor Day)
Sep. 10-11 (JCC Sep. 9-11)   (Rosh Hashanah)
Sep. 18-19   (Yom Kippur)
Oct. 23 – 24   (Sukkot)
Nov. 22 – 23   (Thanksgiving)
Dec. 22 – Jan. 6   (Christmas Break)
Apr. 19   (Passover)
Apr. 19   (Good Friday)
Apr. 21   (Easter)
May 12   (Mother’s Day)
May 27   (Memorial Day)
Jun. 16   (Father’s Day)
Jul. 4   (Independence Day)