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About Us

It is in this very culture that Hip Hop Kidz® has been able to unleash the secret weapon that has made us so popular and successful over the last 25 years: We disguise excercise as fun! While combining the best beats in Hip Hop and the freshest dance moves, the Hip Hop Kidz® Program boasts a great total body workout for boys & girls of all ages and abilities. Stone and her award winning staff employ a unique philosophy and teaching methodology that enable students ages 5-19 to tap into their own expression and potential. We produce some of the fiercest and most confident Hip Hop dancers in the industry today. Hip Hop Kidz has more boys enrolled in our dance program than any other program in the country! Hip Hop Kidz provides our students with life changing experiences through our classes and performances. Try one class and I’m sure you will agree there is no other dance program like it in the world. It’s what we call “The Magic Of Hip Hop Kidz!”