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Hip Hop Kidz is a vibrant and engaging platform that promotes its dynamic dance program, highlighting classes for various age groups, including beginner, intermediate and advanced crew levels!
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About Hip Hop Kidz

Dance School in South Florida

Hop Kidz Inc. was founded by renowned choreographer and CEO Suzy Stone and stands as the leading dance program in South Florida, boasting over 27 years of national success. Our acclaimed hip-hop dance school, located in West and East Boca Raton, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Miami Beach, merges cutting-edge beats with the latest dance trends through an innovative New York/LA hip-hop teaching style. We cater to young dancers ages 5-10 and 11-18, offering an environment where they can unleash their creativity, forge lasting friendships, and enhance their dancing prowess. Our award-winning instructors are committed to helping students achieve their aspirations while ensuring a joyful learning experience. Furthermore, our professional dance crews gain invaluable experience by collaborating with celebrated artists like Flo Rida, Usher, Ricky Martin, Justin Bieber, Maluma, Daddy Yankee, and more, showcasing their talents in high-profile sporting events, fashion and television shows, music videos, and corporate events. Enroll now in one of the nation’s most exhilarating dance programs and start your journey to the top!

About Our Founder/CEO

Suzy Stone is one very busy professional: Director, Creator, Visionary, Choreographer, Mentor, Philanthropist. Suzy is credited with being the “originator of Hip Hop for Children.” Since 1997, Suzy Stone’s epiphany came in the form of dancing little kids. “I was teaching a cardio dance class in a fitness club where there was a glass partition between the aerobics room and the nursery, recalls the former National Aerobics champion. I noticed that these little kids could hear the music through the glass and were bopping along, learning the routine.” That gave Stone the idea to start a Hip Hop dance program for children, and 27 successful years later, Stone’s Hip Hop Kidz program has hundreds of students in 8 locations in the tri-county area of south Florida. Some of Stone’s dancers, who have grown up under her wing, have gone on to dance with major artists such as Flo Rida, Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Wyclef Jean and many more. Stone also provides these dancers with opportunities to build résumés a mile long, both locally and nationally, helping them to further their careers in Los Angeles, New York, or Las Vegas. Although many programs have tried to imitate Stone’s original idea, this one‐of‐a‐kind program has never been duplicated. That’s why she was selected by the South Florida Business Journal as one of the finalists for Businesswoman of the Year. Before creating Hip Hop Kidz, Stone was a major leader in the fitness industry. Suzy has traveled to more than 21 countries, training thousands of fitness professionals worldwide. Stone has also choreographed numerous videos and television commercials. Suzy has earned the respect of children, parents, and community leaders alike for her unique teaching style and how it has changed the lives of thousands of children/teens. With her infectious energy and creativity, she continues to inspire children of all ages year after year as the leader of Hip Hop Kidz.

Classes Offered


Body and Soul
3183 SW. 38th Court


7-9 pm

Ages 6-11

Hip Hop Kidz Mini Crew

 7-9 pm

Ages 12-18

Dade Crew

(Advanced/Invite only)

 7-9 pm

Ages 9-16

Dade Production Co.

Miami Summer Session 2024:

Pre teen/teen
Starts June 13 -Aug 8
 7-9 pm

Ages 8-16

David Posnack JCC
 community center

5850 S. Pine Island Rd,
Davie, Fla

4-5 pm

Ages 5-10

Hip Hop Kidz beginner

3-3:45 pm

Ages 3-4

Pee Wee Hip Hop Kidz


5:30-7:30 pm

Ages 5-10

Broward Performance Troupe


Ages 12-19

Dade Crew
 (Advanced/Invite only)



Ages 10-17

Pre-teen /Teen

Broward Production Company

Broward Summer Session 2024
June 15-Aug 10


12 noon to 1 pm

Ages 5-10

Hip Hop Kidz Beginners

Starts June 12– Aug 7

7:30-9:30 pm

Ages 10-16


Fort Lauderdale:

Funk & Flow Studio

1215 N. E. 17th Court

Ft. Lauderdale,

Ages 5-10

Hip Hop Kidz Beginner

West Boca Raton:
Busy Body Fitness Center 9183 Glades Rd Boca Raton FL


Ages 6-11

Hip Hop Kidz Beg/Intermediate

East Boca Raton:
 Boca Raton Fitness Center 7561 North Federal Highway Boca Raton, Fla



Ages: 5-10

Hip Hop Kidz Beginner

To register or for more information call:

HHK Advanced and Crew Classes

The Hip Hop Kidz intermediate /advanced Training Crews Program is the unparalleled leader in Hip hop dance education in Florida. A great dance academy with a strong emphasis on developing hip hop technique and strengthening fundamentals all within the framework of today’s cutting edge choreography. Whether you are training to become a better dancer, or using it as a stepping stone to our performing crew program, or the dance industry the intermediate /advanced Program is designed to help all dancers to reach their full potential.

Group Classes
At Hip Hop Kidz, our Group Classes are designed to ignite a passion for Hip Hop dance in a dynamic, supportive environment! Catering to a wide range of ages and skill levels, these classes offer an exciting opportunity for young dancers to learn the latest hip hop moves from their favorite Tik Tok and music videos and TV shows, designed to improve their rhythm and coordination, and express themselves creatively. Our experienced instructors are committed to fostering a fun, inclusive atmosphere where students can build confidence, teamwork skills, and a sense of community. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced dancer aiming to refine your skills and join our world renowned crews our group classes provide a vibrant platform to explore the world of hip hop, meet new friends, and develop a lifelong love for dance
HHK Beginner Classes

Our Beginner Classes at Hip Hop Kidz are the perfect starting point for anyone new to the world of hip hop dance. Designed with the novice in mind, these classes focus on the fundamentals of hip hop movement, rhythm, and style in a welcoming and encouraging setting. Our experienced instructors are passionate about introducing the basics of hip hop culture and dance, ensuring that each student receives the attention and support needed to build a solid foundation. These classes emphasize fun and learning in equal measure, providing an ideal environment for students to discover their love for dance, develop their coordination and musicality, and gain confidence on the dance floor. No prior dance experience is required, making our Beginner Classes a great choice for anyone looking to take their first steps into the vibrant world of hip hop.

Private Classes

Our Private Classes at Hip Hop Kidz offer a personalized dance experience tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of each dancer. Ideal for students seeking one-on-one attention, these sessions allow for customized instruction in hip hop dance techniques, choreography, and performance skills utilized in class. Private classes are avilable upon request.


Our Hip Hop Kidz Crew dancers are ambassadors for the Entertainment World. Possessing energy, stage presence and dynamic facial expressions, they are known for ensuring that our clients receive a performance they can count on. The Hip Hop Kidz Crews boast some of the fiercest dancers in the industry today and take crowds by storm from the moment they step onto the stage. We have performed at such outstanding venues as the Miami Heat, Dolphins, and Marlins games, been featured in numerous commercials and movies, and made special appearances on the Today Show, Good Morning America, BET, VH1, Telemundo, and Univision. Our uniquely trained performers, both past and present, have appeared in music videos for artists such as Flo Rida, Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee, Wyclef Jean, Britney Spears, DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Ciara, and many more. They have rocked the house at many corporate events, parties, fashion shows, and tours. Hip Hop Kidz creates some of the most energetic and emotionally entertaining dance numbers ever seen. Check out our Bio for a complete list of our incredible performances! Click here to see where Hip Hop Kidz has performed.


With over 27 years experience, Hip Hop Kidz offers you incredible entertainment options for your party or corporate event. Our highly skilled dancers range in age from 7 to 22 and have performed all over the world. Their choreographed routines will thrill your audience and bring an excitement to your event that no other entertainment will! We want to develop a relationship with every client and work together to provide a performance you will rave about! We provide dancers for: Birthday Parties, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Galas, Music Videos, Television Shows, Concerts, Tours, Day Camps, Schools, Festivals, Community Service Events, and more. We can customize a great performance with the number of performers you desire. If you would like to book any of our top crews for your next event, kindly fill out the form below and someone from our office will contact you immediately.


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